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Adhesives Industrial

With a full compliment of maintenance adhesives, repair epoxies, lubricants, coatings and sealants, we can repair and improve the reliability of almost any piece of equipment.

There are many situations where regular binding using sewing, welding, screwing or bolting solutions just will not work due to either the material or accessibility. Adhesives are unique in that they can bind together two different types of materials. Unlike other methods, adhesives can work with a greater surface area and that increases the tension and grip which provides a stronger bond than many traditional binding methods.

Adhesives are an inexpensive thin paste, glue, cement or mucilage that sets quickly and creates a strong bond. There are many situations where adhesives are the idea binding agent of choice. Many of our adhesives are two compound systems, meaning that the adhesive won’t set until you’re ready for it to. Our products extend beyond adhesives from concrete repair and restoration to cementitious products used in anchoring machinery or construction as well as repairing concrete and high traffic areas.

Product comparison table

Product Product attribute Carton pack
Brush Composite High glaze and low-friction film. 1KG/3KG
HT Brush Composite Resistance to acid attack and high temperature. 1KG/3KG
Metal Repair Rapid metal reconstruction. 500G/1KG
High Temperture(water) Wet surface applicable coating. 15KG
Granule Composite High-abrasive Granule material. 20KG